An Urbino maiolia istoriato pilgrim flask, mid 16th century

Pilgrim Flasks

Pilgrim Flasks Price Guide. Pilgrim flasks, or ampullae, are small metal, glass, or terra vials, used by pilgrims in Antiquity and in the early Middle Ages, to carry home water or oil from the lamps burning in the sanctuaries visited.

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'Leda and the Swan' an impressive aesthetic movement hand-painted moon flask by william james goode

Moon Flasks

Moon Flasks Price Guide. The┬áname ‘moon flask’ – ‘baoyueping’ or ‘bianhu’ in Chinese – refers to the vessels round shape which resembles the moon. The flasks are also traditionally known as ‘pilgrim’s flasks’ in the West, since they take their shape from a Middle Eastern prototype for water flasks which were carried by travellers.

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